Mission Statement


Our workshop has started in year 2016 based on the demands of the customers. The reason of its existence is to fill the demand of the customer of high quality, cost effective, durable solutions. We have formed a client base due to our focus on our competitive edge, providing our customers with quickest, highest quality service and best designs.

We provide technical revolutionary solutions to our client’s storage problems by manufacturing custom made products using wood-like products such as phenolic, acoustical panels and MDF and compact wood , these wood-like products provides properties that many industries find attractive. Our business model is fast and nimble allowing us to provide our clients with solutions derived by consistent quality and quick application. We differentiate ourselves by focusing to be experts in an untapped market, providing a consistent quick application to the solution.

What We Sell

Using raw materials (HPL Boards) we manufacture specialized custom-made solutions such as lab counters, germs resistant gym lockers, hospital furniture. What makes our material superior is that its anti-bacterial, and very robust as it can stay under water for 100 years without damage. In addition to that, its resistant to chemicals such as solvents, acids, cleaning agent and general reagent which makes it suitable for lab enviroments. With our engineering, we can tailor the solution to fit our customers needs.

Who We Sell To

Our main customers that we are targeting are the

  • health care industry: Labs, Hospitals, Emergency Rooms, pathogen lab, hospital bathroom, countertops, hygienic lockers.
  • Educational institutes: School toiler partitions, university toiler partition, cabinets, lab chemical-resistant scratch-resistant counters and tables, doors, wall cladding.
  • Housing Projects: Kitchen cabinets, toiler lockers for reactional centers, doors and bathroom tops, and dirty kitchens.